2015 Individual Photos by Month

January--warblers, shovelers, Sav. Sparrow. shrike, G. Egret

February--cypress knee, anhinga, RS Hawk, Snowy Egret, snipe, RW Blackbird, BT Grackle, shrike

March--eagle nest (Algiers, LA), robin, starling, loon, Downy Woodpecker, squirrel, Hooded Warbler, eaglets, Bonnet Carre structure, Venice photos

April--moth, hummingbird, towhee, catbird, anole, eagle, moorhen, stilt, herons and egrets with fish, RW Blackbird, Spider Lily

May--opossum, anhinga, cliff Swallows, sandpipers, spoonbills, GB Heron w/fish, egrets fighting, eagle, Dunlin, Kingbird, RW Blackbird, Royal Tern, Monarch caterpillar

June--Blue Jay, egrets w/fish, Monarch, sunflower, Cliff Swallow, moorhen & chick, Black Swallowtail, Fiery Skipper, water lily flower

July--Confederate Rose leaf, dried grape vine, anhinga, Bonnet Carre gates, LB Heron, moorhen chick, water hyacinth, Fritillary, Giant Swallowtail, bumble bee, Monarch chrysalises, dragonfly, BCN Heron, egrets, anhinga,stilt, Bonnet Carre structure, river freighters, Tobacco Hornworm

August--egrets, Killdeer, sandpipers, starlings bathing, Snowy Egrets fighting, BC railroad trestle, stilt, Osprey, LB Heron, spoonbill, Tricol. Heron, Willet, White Ibis, BT Grackle, alligator, eagle, BCN Heron rainbow, scenic

September--eagle, LB Heron, spoonbill, Tricol. Heron, Fritillary and caterpillar, Buckeye, hummingbird, G. Egret, Osprey, Kingfisher

October--hummingbird, Downy Woodpecker, Com. Yellowthroat, RS Hawk, Tricol. Heron, bumble bee, shrike, eagle pair, mockingbird, Avocets, butterflies, snipe, cardinal

November--phoebe, avocet, grebe, Savannah Sparrow, RS Hawk

December--eagle, ducks, RS Hawk, G. Egret, GB Heron, phoebe, grebe, spoonbill, moorhen, Red-breasted Merganser, eagle w/coot